Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden-The Visit to the Mill

The Ice Maiden-The Visit to the MillThe Ice Maiden-The Visit to the Mill

Rudy finally made it home and his aunt was glad to see him. She kissed him for bringing such wonderful things home.

Rudy had not been home long when he decided to go and see the miller and Babette. Each story enthralled the miller more with Rudy all while Babette and Rudy made eyes at one another. The cats noticed it and told each other about it. The miller didn’t have a clue.

Rudy told a particular story about an eagle’s nest that no man could get to. It was too high. It was too dangerous.

Finally, Rudy made known to the miller that he wanted to marry Babette. The miller would have none of it. Babette was worth much more than Rudy. The miller told Rudy that he could marry Babette if he brought back an eaglet from the nest no one could reach. Rudy said he would do it. The cats saw promise in him.


Were millers really that well-to-do? I guess if you had land by a stream and you could charge people to grind their grains, then you were probably pretty well off.


Rudy mentioned an impossible task, but then declares it’s not impossible. Look, if you’re determined enough almost nothing is impossible. Rudy is probably going to prove the miller wrong and prove that he can do more himself than he had first thought.


Will it happen?

Weigh In

Do you think Rudy’s task will be difficult?

Will he get Babette?


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