Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden: The Eagle’s Nest

The Ice Maiden: The Eagle's NestThe Ice Maiden: The Eagle’s Nest

Rudy stormed out of the Miller’s house determined to get the eaglet that the miller told him he had to get, the eaglet that people said was impossible to get. He met his friend at some point and told the friend that he was going to help him with the eagle.

The pair took several rickety ladders to the eagle’s nest, but first they had to wait for the eagle to leave its baby. When it did, they shot it and watched as it sank to the Earth. Then the pair connected the ladders together, in a very unsafe fashion, and Rudy began to climb.

Despite having several ladders connected together, Rudy was still short of his goal. He had to climb on the rock and hang onto stunted trees, to get to the eagle’s nest. There Rudy was able to grab the bird, which was large. He tied the bird by its feet and hung it from his belt and began his descent.


I did a bit of research on how big adolescent eagles are. By three weeks old eagles are a foot high; that’s bigger than most birds ever get. By six weeks old eagles are almost as big as their parents, but still cannot fly. Adult eagles can weigh up to 17 lbs, mainly in Alaska. That’s a small turkey. So imagine that Rudy has this small turkey hanging from his pants as he climbs down a rickety ladder. Fun times.


Where there is a will, there is a Rudy. He accomplished something no one else thought was possible, even him. He hadn’t thought this task was possible before he set his mind to it. Was it dangerous? You bet. Rudy did it though. I’m sure he was a little uncomfortable way up there, even if the cat had taught him how to not be afraid up high.

Sometimes it takes a strong will and some interesting thinking to figure out a situation. You may be uncomfortable while doing it, but sometimes, you have to make yourself uncomfortable to get things done.


What will Rudy do next?

Weigh In

Do you imagine that Rudy was scared?

Would you be scared in Rudy’s situation?


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