Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden: The Godmother

The Ice Maiden: The GodmotherThe Ice Maiden: The Godmother

At Montreux, where the godmother lived, things were relatively nice. The godmother was friendly about the engagement between Rudy and Babette. The cousin, however, was a little bit too much of a flirt. He was all dandied up. He gave Babette presents. Rudy was not at all impressed. The group went to sight-see in the local area, but eventually had to return home.

Rudy said the cousin looked like a sack of flour and the miller agreed.


I assume looking like a sack of flour means that the cousin wasn’t very manly or developed as far as muscles go.


Rudy’s getting jealous and being jealous often leads to fights and supposed wrongs.


Rudy is only human after all, despite his seemingly super human feats.

Weigh In

Is the cousin actually interested in Babette?

Who marries their cousin?


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