Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden-The Cousin

The Ice Maiden-The CousinThe Ice Maiden-The Cousin

The cousin ended up in Bex, which Rudy wasn’t very happy about. One evening the cousin dressed himself as a miller and climbed up the outside of the mill. He got wet, of course, because he had never been taught to climb as Rudy had. He met Babette though at the window, but Rudy came along.

Babette was silly and had enjoyed the cousin and Rudy vying for her attention, even though she really did love Rudy. Rudy had come upon the night meeting of the cousin and Babette and was understandably upset. He cried that Babette had planned this meeting and liked the cousin more than him. Rudy stormed off.


Babette is nineteen and likes the attention she is getting, she’s probably not even worth the effort, but we’ll see.


This is another short piece of the story, but we see how Babette’s willingness to flirt around has caused Rudy to be angry. She’s nineteen, what all can be expected of her? I’ve known a few nineteen-year old people and none of them would take the prize for being overly smart. One of my cousin’s children around that age has a good head on her shoulders, but for the most part, most people of that age are lacking in the common sense department. Babette doesn’t understand how hurtful she can be yet.


The saga of Rudy and Babette goes on.

Weigh In

Seriously, why put such importance upon a nineteen-year old?

Again, who marries their cousin?


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