Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden-Evil Powers

The Ice Maiden-Evil PowersThe Ice Maiden-Evil Powers

Rudy stormed off away from Babette high into the mountains. He went so high the trees looked like bushes. Grass grew sparsely between rocks, even the Chamois seemed a little hesitant and this height. It began to snow and rain. Rudy became very tired. He felt that he just had to lie down on the ground even though it was raining.

As he did so, he saw the door way to a hut. He managed to get there and there was a woman there. She looked like Annette from town, but not Annette. She invited him in to warm himself. He was very thirty. He asked the woman, Annette, but not Annette, if she had any milk. The woman did not, but she had wine. Someone had left it there.

The wine was sweet and spicy. Rudy declared he had never tasted anything like it. He asked Annette, not Annette, what she did way up here on the mountains. She tended a flock of goats. They found enough to eat.

At one point a bargain was made. Annette, not Annette, asked for something, for Rudy’s betrothal ring that Babette had given him. He looked into the woman’s eyes and was lost to himself. She kissed him, for she was the ice maiden.

Rudy awoke in the cold rain. His ring was gone and his gun lay beside him. He tried to fire the gun, but couldn’t. Vertigo watched from on high.


This sounds an awful lot like a deal with the Devil, or a demon, whatever you prefer. In stories, in folklore, and maybe, in real life, people make deals with unseen and evil beings. Give me money. Give me power. Give me fame. The being always takes something important in return. Your soul. The day you were born. Your loved one. You get what you really wanted, but is it worth it to lose another part of yourself?

Rudy only got a warm drink of wine.


Rudy was bewitched. He let his anger take him to a place he shouldn’t have been. He shouldn’t have been so high. He shouldn’t have strayed so close to the ice maiden’s land. She had vowed to have him many years before and he walked right into her way; she didn’t even have to go looking for him.

When you let your emotions rule too much over you, you end up getting yourself into some awful situations. You let your guard down and things happen that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


Oh, Rudy *(said in the voice of Mrs. Puff from Spongebob while she is puffed up, in the same manner that she says, “Oh, Spongebob,” when she’s deeply disappointed in him for yet another boat crash)

Weigh In

So will Rudy win Babette back?

What will the Ice Maiden’s Kiss do to Rudy?


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