Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Ice Maiden: At the Mill

The Ice Maiden: At the MillThe Ice Maiden: At the Mill

“What horrid nonsense,” said the cats. They were speaking of Rudy and Babette of course. Rudy had not been to see Babette in several days and all Babette did was sulk. The cousin had not been back. Rudy finally went to see Babette. He knew he had been in a moment of weakness when he traded his betrothal ring to the ice maiden. Rudy apologized to Babette, who forgave him. Their wedding was still on. They would be married in Villeneueve and would travel there the day before the wedding.


Babette sounds every bit of a spoiled teenager.


Rudy realized he had been kind of a jerk. Babette had also been kind of a jerk, but she hadn’t gone as far with the whole thing as Rudy had. Hopefully Babette said she was sorry as well. Sometimes when you’re a jerk, even if someone else’s actions made you angry, you have to humble yourself and tell them you’re sorry. You’re emotions aren’t an excuse to be mean to a person.


What are we ever going to do with Babette and Rudy?

Weigh In

Who was more wrong and does it matter?

Do you think getting married at nineteen is wise?


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