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#566 Half-Assed by Jennette Fulda

Half-Assed by Jenette FuldaHalf-Assed by Jennette Fulda

Jennette spent most of her life being overweight and obese, one day, she decided to change. She knew she was heading for a world of health problems and was over three-hundred pounds. Jennette decided to do something about it. She started a weight-loss blog. She started learning about healthy foods. She started walking.

Jennette encountered hurdles along the way, of course. There were pieces of cake that called her name and people who argued that maybe she should just be happy with who she was.

Fortunately, for Jennette, although she had been made fun of and ignored for her weight, her family did not tell her to lose weight and they were quite supportive of her.

The journey took Jennette a couple of years, but she eventually lost around 190 lbs, which was half of her weight. Jennette became strong and felt good about herself. Jennette learned to enjoy being healthy and doing healthy things. Jennette took charge of her life. Good for her.

What I liked

I liked that Jennette did this. She decided to freaking change her life and she did it. That takes dedication. It takes a lot of hard work. Losing 190 lbs? That’s a monumental effort. If I lost 190 lbs, I’d be dead. I like that Jennette was able to do something that improved her life. She improved herself so much. She learned so much. Awesome for Jennette!

I liked that Jennette did include references in her book, not that I looked any of them up, I took her word for it. I also liked that she addresses some societal attitudes in her book. She speaks of how she was treated differently when she was extremely overweight as compared to when she lost weight. She wrote about how people who are overweight sometimes take on the attitude of being sorry for just being there. She wrote about fat shaming and also about body acceptance, both real things with their particular problems.

These things Jennette wrong about perceptions and attitudes towards overweight people are correct. People can really be jerks about it without any real reason. It’s our society’s new leprosy. Don’t touch them, you might catch the fat! People are surveyed and said they would rather lose their job, or lose a year of their life than be fat. Seriously? Is being fat really that bad? Jennette points these things out and she’s right to. It’s stupid is what it is.

What I didn’t like

First off, while Jennette’s story is harrowing in its own way, it’s not exactly life and death. Yes, I do know that if Jennette continued on the path that she was on, she would probably suffer an innumerable amount of health problems. She hadn’t had a heart attack. She hadn’t had a boyfriend break up with her because she was fat. She didn’t lose a job because she was fat. She wasn’t belittled by her parents because she was fat. Jennette’s life turned out pretty great, despite the fact that she was overweight. I like Jennette’s story, but it’s just not that emotional looking at it from the outside, although, I’m sure it was more than enough emotional for Jennette.

Second of all, Jennette dieted and exercised and she lost weight. This is in my “didn’t like” for a couple of reasons. First of all, Jennette didn’t have weight loss surgery. She just dieted and exercise and she lost weight. It’s kind of boring actually. She didn’t even have any funny exercise stories. For example, she could have said something like, “One time when was doing P-90X, I accidentally stepped on the bottom of my pants and they came off in front of my entire exercise group.” She didn’t have any overly emotional sessions with herself and her thoughts. Her journey just kind of was. The second reason I do not like that she just dieted and exercised is the fact that it just plain doesn’t work for everyone. Everyone thinks dieting and exercising is so difficult, and I’m sure Jennette put in a lot of effort for this, but it’s not that difficult. There are things that could make it difficult, none of which Jennette had standing in her way. What is difficult is when you do diet and exercise and nothing happens due to some medical disorder or medication. That’s a kick to the teeth right there.


I’m happy that Jennette was able to do this, but I’m not overly impressed with her journey.

Weigh In

No pun intended here, people.

Do you think that Jennette’s story was too impersonal?

Do you think the attitude of losing a job over being fat is a healthy attitude for our society to have?


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