Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Bird of Popular Song

The Bird of Popular SongThe Bird of Popular Song

In the cold when snow lay upon the ground, people get together to talk and to sing. There was a giant’s grave, buried long ago. A bard came and sang about the man. A bird flew over and that was the bird of popular song.

Everywhere there were people, the bird carried the song. It carried it from one place to another. The bird carries our songs throughout the world. The song will always be there and can never die.


What was that other story about the song that never ended?


This story is a bit longer than all of that, but it’s another one of those stories where Hans waxes poetic. This story is basically saying, as humans, we have our story and our story has been around a while and will continue to be around. Even if we die, our story will carry on beyond us and to the next generations.



Weigh In

If the bird of popular song carries our song everywhere, what if the bird were a liar and sung our song wrong intentionally?

If humanity died out, would our song continue to be sung?


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