Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

In the Nursery

In the NurseryIn the Nursery

Anna and Grandpa were left home alone because everyone else had gone to a play. Grandpa told Anna they would have a play at home. Anna was concerned because her old doll was too much of a mess and her new doll mustn’t get mussed. Grandpa said that wasn’t a problem.

The pipe head would be one actor. The waist coat another. A pair of boots another. A glove would also be an actor in the play. A box would be the stage. It was to be a domestic drama. The glove played the lady and two were her suitors. One succeeded and the other did not.


The doll mustn’t get mussed, really?


The play in this story is not important, that’s why I didn’t include any of the happenings that went on in it. What is important is that Anna and Grandpa used what they had in order to have a play. They used their imaginations. That’s right, just like Spongebob and Patrick in that episode where they played with a cardboard box.

When you’re a kid and you want to play, you use your imagination to make what you have work. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you doll doesn’t have a face, or is missing a head. Use your imagination to put a face on that doll.


I’m glad Anna got to have a good evening.

Weigh In

Do kids these days have less imagination?

Why were Anna and Grandpa left at home?


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