Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Delaying is Not Forgetting

Delaying is not ForgettingDelaying is not Forgetting

Three stories are told.

One story is about a woman named Meta Morgan who once put small rocks underneath the feet of a man who had to ride the wooden horse. When her house was broken into, years later, her son remembered her kindness and helped Meta Morgan escape from the evil men.

A rich woman gave a new window to a paralyzed peasant girl who lived on the grounds so she could look out upon something interesting and receive the sun.

A young couple were engaged, but the man had been approached by a rich older woman. He decided to marry her instead. He had money, but when he died early, his first girlfriend still mourned him.

Delaying is not forgetting.


This whole story reminded me of the Pass it On campaign. The whole idea was to inspire people to pass on good things to one another, which is something this story illustrates. This is why I used Mister Rogers’ Pass it On ad as the picture to this post.


The whole idea behind this story is that if someone shows you a kindness in ways, return the favor. Show them a kindness back. This can manifest itself in various ways. Basically, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Capisce?

Even though this story has a good moral, in a more literal sense, it annoys me. Delaying may not be forgetting, but delaying is delaying and sometimes when you delay you miss a window of opportunity that you should have otherwise used. So if you see that you need to repay someone and a favorable time arises, don’t put it off.


Let’s just rename this story to Pass it On.

Weigh In

Is it important to you to repay a kindness?

Are there ever any exemptions to this and should there be?


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