Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Our Aunt

Our AuntOur Aunt

There was once a family who had an old aunt. She loved the theater. She would go as many times as she could. She knew all the plays and all the actors. She knew what was going to happen. She had a special friend in the theater who used to let her go up in the flies and look down upon the stage. The aunt loved everything about it.

After a time, she became too weak to go. Her friend from the theater would send her short telegrams about the plays.

When she finally did die, she left around $500, but she left it for a spinster to have a reserved box at the theater.

Her passion was certainly passed on.


Before we had the movies, there was the theater. You would go and watch a play. Maybe it was the same play, over and over again. Maybe it was a different play. Maybe you went to an outdoor theater. Maybe it was indoors. Maybe it was a crude place and maybe it was fancy. Theater used to be the big entertainment, now replaced, in ways, by going to the movies. Theater is still alive and well though, just more expensive than it used to be.


This old aunt passed her love of the theater onto her nieces and nephews. It’s good to have a love of something cultured and something artsy and something interesting. You should pass your passions on to your children and those behind you, if you don’t, then eventually nobody will have a passion for that thing and it will die. Things like theater are kept alive because people enjoy it. If nobody did, it would be gone.


May she rest in peace.

Weigh In

What is your passion?

What enjoyments do you plan on passing down to your children?


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