Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Little Green Ones

The Little Green OnesThe Little Green Ones

In the garden on a rose-leaf there are little green creatures. Some people don’t like them. They live on the rose leaves and the ants are interested in them. People often wash them with soap suds to get rid of them. They don’t like it. The writer of the story was not going to say their names and instead call them the little green ones, but Mother Fairy Tale said to call them what they were, “tree lice.”


This story is talking of aphids, also known as plant lice in some places. Tree lice are actually something entirely different, but they’re not green. You do use soap suds to get rid of aphids, or you can anyway.


A bug is still a bug is a bug. Got it? Maybe not…you can call an insect something else, but it’s still an insect and it still does damage. Sure, those little green bugs may look cute, but have you ever tried to get them off of pepper plants? It’s a nightmare. They love pepper plants. Calling a mouse a mouse instead of a holy terror that eats the insides of your walls doesn’t change the fact that the creature eats the inside of your walls. You could name a mouse Fred for all I care, but it doesn’t change the nature of the mouse.


It was Shakespeare that wrote that you could call a rose by any other name and it would smell just as sweet, but that concept works for bad things as well.

Weigh In

Have you ever tried to get aphids off of bell pepper plants?

Do you think Hans liked aphids?


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