Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

The Days of The Week

The Days of The WeekThe Days of The Week

The days of the week liked to get together to have a party. They wanted a day where they could do so. Every four years they got an intercalary day in February. They got together to tell jokes and be merry. Each of them dressed in their own style.

Monday was young and liked to listen to music and be in crowds.

Tuesday made sure everything worked and was Tyr’s day.

Wednesday was the most prominent day of the week called Herr Mittwoch by the Germans.

Thursday was noble being named after Thor in northern countries and Jupiter in other countries.

Friday was a girl who was both Freia or Venus, depending on the country she was in. She was happy today was an intercalary day because that meant the girls could ask the boys to marry them.

Saturday was a housekeeper who cleaned and like simple things like beer soup.

Sunday was barely mentioned at all, but was old compared to Monday.


Tyr, Thor and Freia are all Norse deities. Venus and Jupiter are deities of the Greek sort, but have their counterparts in Norse mythology.

The Germans do call Wednesday Herr Mittwoch, at least in a children’s song. Mittwoch is the German word for Wednesday.

Guten Morgen, Herr Montag!
Wie geht es Frau Dienstag?
Ist der Herr Mittwoch auch im Haus?
Sag’ dem Herrn Donnerstag:
Frau Freitag
geht mit Herrn Samstag
am Sonntag aus.

The line for Wednesday is translated as, “Is Mr. Wednesday also at home?” They all live in the same house apparently. Also, Friday is cheating on Thursday, with Saturday, on Sunday.


There isn’t a lot to this story. It explains the days of the week and gives a possible explanation for having a leap year. It’s more nursery rhyme than anything else.

I’ll tell you one thing–the Monday in this story is not the Monday I know. Monday for me is usually dreadful. I always feel like junk on Mondays and it’s not because I go out and party on Sundays. It’s because it’s the start of the week. I always feel sick in the mornings and Monday is absolutely the worst. It’s also the worst psychologically because there is still an entire week to go through before you get a break. This story makes Monday out to be this chipper person. Monday is not chipper.


Let’s just get rid of Monday.

Weigh In

What is your favorite day of the week?

Why is Friday a girl?


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