Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Luck May Lie in a Pin

Luck May Lie in a PinLuck May Lie in a Pin

Each person is given a gift in their lives, but it is not put beside them at birth. They must find their gift. For some in may be in one item, but for others it may be something else. We never know what will bring us luck and what will bring us fortune, for it is different for each of us.

A man who was a turner did not have the greatest luck and was struggling to make ends meet. A pear tree fell, and almost as a joke, he took the wood from the pear tree and made it into little wooden pears. There was one umbrella in the house to share amongst everyone. The umbrella had a button to keep it closed when it was not in use, but it broke and popped off regularly. The man decided to use one of his pears instead. He drilled a hole in one of the wooden pears and it worked quite well, if not better, at keeping the umbrella closed.

The man made more pears for umbrellas and sent some off with his usual shipment. It turns out that people really liked the umbrellas with pears on them. They became a thing. People asked for them instead of the usual umbrellas. The man soon had a booming business. He had found his luck in a pear, but you might find your luck in something else entirely.


There may have actually been someone who put pear buttons on umbrellas, but I wouldn’t know how to actually determine if there was. Maybe Hans knew of a man who had a thriving umbrellas business because he put pear buttons on the umbrellas, but I can’t find whether or not such a person existed.

Umbrellas have been around a long time, longer than you would think, up near four-thousand years to be more precise. Essentially, umbrellas are older than Jesus. They obviously weren’t widely used for huge periods of time though. I’m guessing it was more of an aristocracy thing.


This story is absolutely right. Not all of us can find our joy, and perhaps fortunes, in the same things. We each have to go out into life and find the things that make us happy, not some dork down the road happy. Our happiness is highly individualized. For some people happiness is eating macaroni and cheese while binge-watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, for others, happiness is digging wells for kids in Africa. What makes our lives fulfilled is different for each of us. Don’t let anybody tell you that what is right for one person is right for you as well.


Find your happiness in whatever vessel it may be in.

Weigh In

In our society, do we practice too much of a “one size fits all” approach to happiness and health?


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