Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Sunshine Stories

Sunshine StoriesSunshine Stories

The wind, the rain, and the sunshine argued over who would tell a story. Finally, the sunshine won out and began. There was once a golden swan. It dropped a feather, which turned into a pen and the man who had it became a famous writer. Another time, the swan kissed a leaf of a tree and it fell down to the shepherd boy below. The leaf turned to ten leaves and then into a book. The shepherd boy learned much.

One day it flew near a house, where it left an egg. The mother there picked up the egg and when it hatched it was a baby bird with four rings on its neck. There were four sons. Each ring was for each son. One son became a sculptor, another a painter, another a composer, and the last a poet.

The swan flew on and gave a fisherman some amber because amber draws things to it.

The wind interrupted and said it thought the sunshine better stop telling the story because it was bored. The rain said it was bored as well. So that’s the end.


Amber is surprisingly used as a sort of medicine and supposedly has mystical properties. If you wear a necklace of amber, it might make your headache go away. Amber isn’t a real gemstone, as you might know. It’s basically hardened tree sap/resin. It’s more so a living thing than a regular mineral like a piece of quartz would be. Mosquitoes and insects have been trapped in amber, only to emerge thousands, millions of years later intact inside of the amber.


Well apparently nobody wants the sunshine to talk. This is another story about fortune or luck, much like the last story. Fortune touched each person in a different way and they each rose to their own unique lives. Don’t we all do that? Our lives are each unique and there is something in our life that will give it meaning, but it’s not going to be exactly like the something in someone else’s life that gives them meaning.


This swan needs to fly over to me and give me some money.

Weigh In

Do you think amber has mystical properties?

What would you say if a golden swan showed up and gave you an object?


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