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#577 Forever by Judy Blume

Forever by Judy BlumeForever by Judy Blume

Katherine is a teenager, a senior to be exact, and her life is about to be very different. She’s preparing for college, but she also finds something she didn’t really expect to find–love. His name is Michael and she casually meets him through friends. He goes to a nearby school, with another friend of Katherine. The two start dating and things soon get serious. Katherine loves Michael and he loves her.

Things move on. The two want to be together forever. They end up moving into a sexual relationship, but are careful to be fairly safe about it. They seem to move into the role of being a serious couple fairly quickly.

When both of them have to separate for summer jobs, they each find that things are not as they seemed. It turns out there are more people and they have different qualities from the qualities they saw in each other. Katherine is heart-broken, but other options soon present themselves.

What I liked

Who doesn’t like Judy Blume? Everyone likes Judy Blume. I like reading her take on various things in the lives of children and teenagers.

What I didn’t like

There are a lot of people who praise this book, and with good reason. It’s written well. It’s entertaining and risqué for a teenager. It’s seriously like soft-core erotica for teenagers. Teenagers could read this instead of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The book reads well, but half of it makes me want to roll my eyes. I really want to sigh very loudly and say, “Teenagers! PUUUUUHHLEEASSSSEEE!” Seriously? Teenagers are dorks. Sure they have sex and fall in love, but they’re version of these things doesn’t exactly equate to the version of these things that would happen in your twenties or your thirties. To teenagers, everything is the end of the world. Oh my God! So-and-so broke up with me, I’m going to die. We were going to be together forever! WAH!

Look, if you’re still with someone you were with as a teenager, twenty or thirty years later, you two are either really patient, or you never really grew from when you were teenagers, meaning, you’re both essentially still teenagers in your heads. Most of the time, teenage romances don’t last and it’s laughable when teenagers are like, “OH, we’re going to be together forever!”



Yay! Judy Blume. Boo! Teenagers!

Weigh In

Should there be erotica-esque books for teenagers?

What do you think of “forever” for teenagers?


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