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#578 Lost and Missing-Volume 5 by Mike Riley

Lost and Missing-Volume 5 by Mike RileyLost and Missing-Volume 5 by Mike Riley

People go missing, but where do they go? What if you never know what happened to them? Where did grandma go? Did she really get run-over by a reindeer?

Joking aside, people go missing like crazy and some of these people are very high-profile, even including a Rockefeller. You would think that if anybody could be found it would be a Rockefeller, but he never was. He disappeared years and years ago. What happened to him? He probably drowned, but rumors run rampant. Maybe he went native and lived on an island. Maybe he was cannibalized. Maybe this and maybe that–but with all the maybes, the man was never seen again.

This book doesn’t only speak of Rockefeller. The colony of Roanoke is mentioned, which is an enduring mystery of the Americas. What happened to them? We may never know.

People disappear all the time and this book only holds a small fraction of those who have disappeared without a trace. It’s a bit terrifying to think that someone you know could just walk out the door and never be heard from again.

What I liked

I love mysterious and unexplained things. Some of it I call “woo-woo,” but none of this is woo-woo. Where did these people go? In the case of Michael Rockefeller, he probably drowned, but what about everyone else? Did somebody murder them? Did they go live other lives in secret? Did someone brain wash them into a cult? Amelia Earhart is a woman we have wondered about for years and now there’s a good chance she was eaten by giant crabs. Nice huh?

Books likes this serve several purposes. They educate us about our world. These prominent cases of missing people are part of history. These books entertain us. It’s a good thing to read about things that aren’t wrapped up in a nice little bow on the last page. It keeps us wondering and it keeps us thinking. These books also stay in our heads. They put little feelers out in our brains. Maybe, one day, one of us will see something that is a clue to one of these missing persons cases and it will help solve the case. This is why we have Unsolved Mysteries and other similar television shows on television. Those shows have helped find people and solve murders.

What I didn’t like

This book is pretty short and could have had more to it. It does belong to a series, so it’s not overly concerning in and of itself.

I would have liked more detail on some of the cases. A few of them I had heard of, the Beaumont children and the colony of Roanoke to be exact, and the other cases may have briefly flashed across my brain in my various readings.


This is all a bit spooky.

Weigh In

Do you think you could pull of disappearing yourself and living a secret identity in this day and age? Why or why not?

Do you think we’ll ever solve any of these mysteries?


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