Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-I

Lucky Peer-ILucky Peer-I

There was once a great house. In the lower levels lived merchant; in the upper level lived a warehouseman and his family. To both families was born a son. The son of the rich merchant was named Felix, which means lucky. The son of the warehouseman was named Peer.

Peer and Felix did happen to meet when they were two, but were mostly kept apart. Felix had a real pony, while Peer only had hobby horses. Peer desired greatly to drive the horses, but was not allowed to. The families were different, but each boy had enough. Peer’s father died in the war, but his life was rich still. He still had his mother and his grandmother, and also a godfather, who came by from time to time.

Peer found things. One time he found a silver shilling, which was placed inside of a box. Another time he found a ring and an amber heart charm. The ring happened to belong to the rich merchant’s wife, who had sorely missed it. She gave Peer money as a reward, which also went into his box. Peer’s grandmother put a ribbon through the hole in the amber charm and told Peer he must always wear it, otherwise he would get a stomach-ache. The amber seemed to live and glow. It also seemed to give life to those items which were rubbed against it.


Amber, as I have mentioned before, has often been thought to contain healing properties and some mystical properties as well. I cannot testify to any of these properties, but there are plenty who swear by it, more so in the Eastern European region than anywhere else. I suppose what makes amber so special is that it is something that used to be alive(it’s tree resin), but then it was fossilized into something hard and unmoving. Perhaps a bit of life is left in it still?


This is just the beginning of Peer’s story, but I have the feeling he will continue to find luck and the piece of amber will continue to bring him things in the future. There isn’t a lot to say other than that. Peer has luck, even though he is poor.


Do you know people who are lucky?

Are there items that seem to give you luck in life?


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