Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-II

Lucky Peer-IILucky Peer-II

Peer grew some more and did well. He once got to go and see a ballet of Samson and Delila. Peer was enthralled by the music and by the dancing. He went home and danced, but also sang. His grandmother declared that he must learn how to dance.

Peer was taken to a dance instructor, which happened to be none-other than the dancer who had played Samson. The instructor was impressed with the natural talent Peer had and began to teach him. There also happened to be another woman, Miss Frandsen, who gave advice to Peer and his family. She also used to be a dancer herself.

She told Peer that the theatre was a lovely profession, for a boy, and that if he worked hard, he would do well, but there was lots of chicane. Peer did not know what this meant, but he would soon find out.

Peer excelled at dance and appeared as a prince in a ballet. Felix, the other little boy who lived in the house, saw him and thought it was grand. Peer soon found out what chicane was though. The other dancing children would mess with his uniform and step on his feet. One time they messed up his uniform and it split all the way up the back. Peer was done with Chicane and with ballet after this.


The fact that being a dancer was appropriate for a man, but not for a woman, is sexist. I know there was a time in history when any female performer was considered vulgar in some way. What did she do to get that part? Who was she sleeping with? Blah, blah, blah, etc., and so forth. Women are still treated unfairly in the performing world as far as appearances and pay gaps, seems like we would have fixed this over a hundred years after Hans wrote this story.


Peer went after something he enjoyed doing, but he quit because some kids played a trick on him. Is that really how to do things? If someone puts a block in your path, you step over it, you go around it, you throw it away, whatever, but you don’t let that block keep you from going on your path. It’s just a block, not the entire Great Wall of China, and even if it were, there are steps on the Great Wall of China and you could repel down the other side, if you really had to.

Peer moved onto other things, but don’t let one little setback keep you from doing something you enjoy.


Seriously, don’t let one little thing keep you from doing something you enjoy.

Weigh In

Do you think we let sometimes let small things get in the way of doing something great?

Was there a time something small kept you from doing something big? Do you regret it?


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