Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-III

Lucky Peer-IIILucky Peer-III

Peer had quit being a dancer, but he set his sights upon a new profession–singing. Peer had already proved that he could sing and it was nothing to get him a wonderful voice instructor. Peer was soon singing amazing songs from operas here and there. His instructor was very pleased with him.

One day, at a party of sorts, Peer was jokingly asked to sing the entire Samson and Delilah ballet, because someone said a ballet couldn’t be sung. Peer danced around the room singing the ballet. His instructor told him not to sing ballets for people because they were making fun of him. Peer learned more at the hands of his teacher.

It came to pass that it was time for Peer to be confirmed, which he worked hard upon. Peer also began making up music and writing the words. After a time, his voice began to change. His instructor told him that he must not sing for a year. Peer was to go away to study under a wise man for a year. An anonymous benefactor had provided this for him, everyone thought it was the rich merchant.

On the ride over, Peer was seated by a woman who talked about the grave of her child and her future grave. She argued about where her grave was going to be and what monument was to be placed upon it. A butterfly had been placed upon her future grave, but the woman thought a butterfly meant frivolity, but she was told it also meant immortality. She did not believe this and sought a second opinion. The woman learned from a second source that the butterfly also meant immortality.

And so, Peer went to start his new life as a student.


Often, if you do perform, you can do another type of performing as well. It’s not too terribly difficult to make the leap from one type of performer to another, although some non-performers may think so. There are plenty of actors who started out as dancers or singers. There are plenty of actors who are wonderful musicians. It’s not difficult to move from one art to the other, even off-screen or stage. There are also plenty of performers who are wonderful artists or writers or poets and so on. Once you know one art, it’s easy, very easy, to slip into another art form.

This is why crafting is so addictive. You learn how to do one thing and then you learn how to do another, then another, then another. Once creativity gets flowing, there’s no telling what you’ll end up knowing.


Peer, once again, meets a defeat of sorts. He finds people have been making fun of him, but he does not quit this time. He continues his lessons, but his voice begins to change and he has to do something else for a while. Peer has become a little more determined in his approach to things and he has also found that he does not have to actively be singing to be creating something. He can be writing music and creating the words.

Sometimes, we find that we cannot participate in an endeavor in a way that we would have originally planned, but that doesn’t mean we can’t participate at all. We have to be flexible and willing to roll with setbacks. Maybe you can’t be the lead in the school play, but you could be the lead’s understudy, or the second leading role, or the tree in the corner, whatever the case may be, you are still a part of this thing bigger than yourself, you’re just not participating in the way you had first thought. It’s not what you wanted, but you’re still there, working on it and that counts for something.


What will Peer get into next? Piloting a hot air balloon?

Weigh In

Is it equally as good to participate even if you don’t have the part you want?

Does having a lesser or greater part matter in the long run?


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