Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-VI

Lucky Peer-VILucky Peer-VI

Peer continued his studies, more seriously. Herr Gabriel told him of learned men while Madame Gabriel worried about her own children. This one would do that. The other this. The girls would fall in love. Peer was longing for something himself.

It came to pass that there was a party given by the local dean. Lots of people were to be there. Peer was having a wonderful time and even asked the apothecary’s daughter for the dinner dance. Someone else was there whom Peer had not seen in a while. It was Felix, the boy from his childhood. Felix and Peer were happy to meet, but Felix wanted something Peer had. Felix wanted the dinner dance with the apothecary’s daughter. Peer didn’t want to give it up, but Felix told him that he should be nice and kind and think of his mother and grandmother. They were always going on about how kind Peer was. So Peer gave up the dance. He felt sad about it.

Later on, Peer received some letters from home. They were from his mother and grandmother. They were happy he was still such a nice boy. Felix had gone back to report how nice he was. Peer’s grandmother had also knitted him some socks.


My Granny does not knit socks.

Can you imagine having to make a pair of socks before you could wear any? My feet are cold, well too bad, you don’t have any socks.


Peer was kind and gave up something for a friend. Sometimes that’s a nice thing to do. It can be very nice to sacrifice something for a friend, sometimes something very serious. Our friends are people we care about and, as such, we sometimes give up something for them. Sometimes our friends take advantage of us and guilt us into giving up something we really don’t want to give up or something we shouldn’t give up. Should Peer have given up his dance? Peer feels awfully terrible about it. Surely, it’s just a kind gesture? Or maybe it leads to a marriage between Felix and the apothecary’s daughter and Peer missed his chance. We can’t look into the future to know. Sometimes we give something up for someone else and they get the benefit from it and we get nothing. It happens and it’s life.


Who names their kid Felix?

Weigh In

Do you think this decision will come back to bite Peer in the butt?

What type of lines should be drawn when giving to friends?


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