Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-IX

Lucky Peer-IXLucky Peer-IX

Peer was nursed back to health and was soon well enough to make the journey back to the city from whence he had come. His mother was there waiting for him and so was his old voice teacher. Peer was not to live with his mother and grandmother, but with his voice teacher. This suited all of them fine because they knew Peer would have a better life with his voice teacher.

Peer saw a few old acquaintances and friends, including Miss Frandsen, who was now married to the king’s book binder.

Peer thought that his benefactor must be the wealthy merchant.

Peer wondered how Miss Frandsen, an older woman, came to be married at all in her old age. Court, the book binder, had known Miss Frandsen years before, but she had looked down upon him and his station in life, even if there was care between the two. He married someone else and she married no one. He lived out his married life with his wife, but she eventually died. When she did, Court asked Miss Frandsen to marry him and she said yes. She was happy with her decision. She was glad to have someone who loved her and cared for her.


Grandmother learned to love the train. Good for Grandmother. She got on a train because she was afraid for Peer’s life and learned that trains weren’t so bad after all.

I have to wonder why the king employed a book binder. Did he collect lots of knowledge? Did he want all of his books to have the same colored covers?


In this part of the story Peer learns about adult love, not Romeo and Juliet love, which is actually infatuation and poor impulse control. He sees two adults who have cared for each other for a long time, but had a couple of things in their way, mainly that one of them was married. What Peer also sees is that the married one, was faithful to his spouse, even if he might have cared for Miss Frandsen. Peer sees two examples of love from the book binder. He sees his enduring love for Miss Frandsen, but also his loyal love for his wife. The book binder doesn’t sound like such a bad guy.

Peer is getting older and he’s seeing more of the world. The older he gets the more his views on certain parts of life change. His view of love has certainly changed from when we first met him.


What will Peer learn next?

Weigh In

Do you think the love story between the book binder and Miss Frandsen is sweet or not?

Do you think Peer is getting a good example in love from Miss Frandsen and the book binder?


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