Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-XI

Lucky Peer-XILucky Peer-XI

Peer was back home and due to visit with the former Miss Frandsen and her husband Court. He went to their home, which was small, but they had what they needed. The new Mrs. Court was as happy as she could be. She loved Court and he loved her. Years before, when Mrs. Court was a young woman, Court had saved her picture from a newspaper and had made a piece of art out of it. This was when Mrs. Court was a dancer.

Peer also learned that life in a great house was not as it was expected. There was all sorts of drama going on. You couldn’t say this word or that. If you did this, or that, people didn’t like it. As it was, Mrs. Court preferred to stay in her nice room.

Peer then made his debut as an actor. It was deemed he had the required talent for such a feat. His grandmother and mother could not go, but Mrs. Court went to watch Peer. They all feared that he might be booed off the stage, but he was not. Everyone loved Peer. His family was happy for him as well as all of his friends. Madame Gabriel drank punch with her friends in celebration of Peer’s success.


The love between Court and Mrs. Frandsen is kind of like the realized love between a fan and a celebrity of some sort. You admire them and maybe they don’t give you a second glance, but maybe, just maybe, by some miracle, you end up together and you can’t believe your lucky boots.


In some families, or in society, there are often additional rules to follow than just the rules of generally being a human being. It’s not written anywhere, but it becomes a law. You’re not supposed to sit in Sheldon’s spot. Is it written anywhere? Knowing Shelden, probably, but is it written anywhere of importance? Probably not. This is where we talk about culture versus law, or gospel, as the case may be. The actual law or gospel may say you only have to do XYZ, but the culture surrounding the law or the gospel may say you have to do ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW and XYZ. Do you legally have to do anything more than XYZ? Not legally, but people are going to look at you weird if you don’t.

This whole thing is why Mrs. Court opted out of a particular life. Yes, it was glitzy and, yes, it was a bit glamorous, but in participating in that life, she would have to put up with all these cultural rules, and it was just too much effort.


Ah Peer, learning more about life, I still wish he would grow up though.

Weigh In

How many laws do you encounter that are cultural versus legal?

Do you think Peer will learn to recognize cultural laws in the future?


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