Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-XII

Lukcy Peer- VLucky Peer-XII

Everyone was very pleased and excited about Peer’s debut. He received a letter from Madame Gabriel, who had also heard about it. She said she had drunk punch in celebration. She also told him news of town. It turns out the apothecary’s daughter had gotten married to a city counsellor. Peer was heart-broken over this news.

He spoke to both his friends about it and his voice teacher. The voice teacher told him he had once been engaged, but the marriage would not go through unless he converted to Christianity and he could not do that, so the marriage never happened. People noticed how morose Peer was over the whole thing.

Herr Gabriel commissioned Peer to buy something for him, because it was sold out in his town, and told Peer of one of his son’s who had gone away never to become a scholar. His response to this was, “Boys will be boys.”


Peer is such a drama queen.


We’re still playing on this Romeo and Juliet thing. Peer falls in love, or what he thinks is love, with the apothecary’s daughter, but she finds someone else. When you’re young, nothing is for sure or for certain. Time can change a lot. Adolescents are still too used to the idea of time they had as a child. In a child’s eyes, things stay the same, and should stay the same always. Peer has yet to entirely let go of that idea. When grown up a few years after the years of adolescence, people soon come to realize the world changes constantly and what they start out in life as is not what they will always remain. Peer did not even begin to imagine the apothecary’s daughter would marry someone else, because he did not entirely comprehend change yet.

Moving on, there are things in life that were not within your power to change. Peer cannot make the apothecary’s daughter love him nor can Herr Gabriel make his son, Madsen, become a scholar. It is best to let go of the things that you cannot change, because all you’re going to get by holding onto them is worry.


Perhaps Peer will cheer up and find other things to fill his time.

Weigh In

Do you think it takes some of us longer to let go of the childlike idea of an unchanging world?

Do you believe there are some people who never quite grasp the idea of a changing world?


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