Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer- XIV

Lucky Peer- XIVLucky Peer- XIV

Peer continued to have success as an actor and moved onto more operas. The singing teacher knew music would be changing soon and welcomed it. Peer and the singing teacher spoke of various operas and the parts therein and how masterful they were. Peer was to be in one of Wagners operas.



Wagner was an interesting guy. His music was a bit more forceful than most music of the day. Wagner was actually married to Franz Liszt’s daughter at one point–fun fact. Her name was Cosima. There was a bit of an age gap between the two, twenty-four years.


There isn’t a lot to this story. Peer and the music teacher just gush about opera. Opera is pretty great. It’s the thing that happens when singing and acting get married. Sopranos rule and timid little songs drool.

Yes, yes, we know, opera is awesome, now let’s move on.


Oh that Wagner, always getting into things and writing operas.

Weigh In

What do you think of opera?

What do you think of Wagner?


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