Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-XV

Lucky Peer-XVLucky Peer-XV

Peer and Felix were something of friends now. As it happened they were at a gallery show and they saw a portrait of a young woman and then they me the young woman. She was the daughter of the widow-baroness. She was quite beautiful. Upon being introduced, the widow-baroness and her daughter spoke of what great fans they were of Peer’s.

Peer and Felix were both invited to their home, where they had a lovely evening. Felix asked Peer which one he was to marry. Would it be the widow-baroness or her daughter? Peer did not like Felix speaking of either of the women in this manner. Felix told him it was ok to be blunt because they were in higher society.

Peer realized he did feel something and it was something he had never really felt before. Certain works of art made sense to Peer and he thought of Aladdin.


It was not entirely uncommon for a younger man to marry an older widow, for her money. Maybe there was love involved in certain pairings, but mostly it was because a man wanted more money. For a long while, there were rules about how women could and count not inherit money and who controlled the woman’s money. In many instances, it was not the woman herself. So a woman may have money, but a new husband may be able to entirely control that money and the woman may not be able to say anything about it, legally; she may have had a lot to say about it with her voice, as any woman would.


Peer is again learning about different types of love, but he’s also learning a little about the seedier side of humanity. People can, and do, marry for money. There may be no feeling involved. Peer is learning that people can, and often do, ignore their emotions. Why would Peer ignore his emotions to marry the widow-baroness? Felix explains to him why he would do such a thing. There was money and status involved. Peer could do pretty much what he wanted. Could Peer squash his feelings in exchange for that kind of life? Did Peer want that kind of life?

Peer begins to feel love for someone, in a way that he hasn’t before, but the real world is showing him a dirty side of life. Life isn’t always gumdrops and kittens.


Who will Peer marry?

Weigh In

Is it better to marry for money or love?

Considering the fact that both money and love can fade, is it still better to marry for your first choice?


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