Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Lucky Peer-XVII

Lucky Peer-XVIILucky Peer-XVII

Peer was doing wonderful and decided to write his own opera about Aladdin. He worked and toiled and worked and toiled some more. Finally, he was ready to show it to the singer master. He thought it was wonderful. People began to whisper about the man who wrote his own opera and would sing in it as well. Rumors flew here and there.

At the opera, the house was packed. The baroness was there, along with her daughter. Everyone came to see Peer’s opera. The songs were beautiful and amazing. At the end, there was a great number and Peer stood upon the stage as people cheered, but he fell over, never to get up again. A blood vessel in Peer had burst and he was dead. He had lived but a short time, but had also accomplished much more than many people do.


I didn’t expect him to die. That’s kind of sad, but people do die of aneurysms, which is what Peer would have died of. Basically, a blood vessel bursts in the brain. It can cause immediate death, or possibly, a person could live. It all depends on where the vessel is, how much blood is involved, and if surgery is possible.


This story about Peer went on and on and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little happy about Peer being dead. I got kind of tired of reading about him. With that said, Peer was awfully young and it’s quite tragic that he did die. Even saying that, he still accomplished a lot. Peer did things most people don’t ever do in their lives. Stories like this always make us as average people feel bad about ourselves. We haven’t written operas or performed in front of lots of people. Ok, I’ve performed a little in front of people, but none of it was all that grand.

These stories can serve as motivators. You could die of an aneurysm tomorrow. What would your legacy be? What if someone diagnosed you with incurable cancer tomorrow. What would you do with your remaining time? What would you do with your life to make it worthwhile?

Our lives are about learning as much as possible, but also about touching as many people as we can, and not in a weird way. People are connected and we are supposed to treat them with respect. One action by you can ripple out and affect many people.

Peer performed and touched people’s hearts, but he also touched people with the music he wrote. That will be Peer’s legacy. He left something that people could enjoy for many years to come.


I’m kind of sad that Peer died.

Weigh In

Do you think Peer had a good afterlife?

Do you think he was happy with his legacy?


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