Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Dance Dance Doll of Mine

Dance Dance Doll of MineDance Dance Doll of Mine

A little girl was taught an entire song by the student who came over to help her brothers with their schoolwork. The song was about her dolls. The little girl understood it very well, and so did the student, as well as the dolls, but the old aunt did not.

Dance, dance, doll of mine!
Girl doll’s dress is very fine.
Boy doll is a dandy, too;
He wears gloves and hat and shoe;
White pants, blue coat, him adorn;
On his toe he has a corn.
He is fine and she is fine.
Dance, dance, doll of mine!

Old doll’s name is Lise-moér;
She is from the year before;
Hair is new; it’s made of flax,
Forehead polished up with wax.
Young again, not old and done.
Come along, my cherished one,
Let us dance a fast gavotte;
To watch it is worth a lot.

Dance, dance, doll of mine!
Watch your steps and get in line;
One foot forward; watch your feet.
Dancing makes you slender, sweet.
Bow and twist and turn around;
That will make you hale and sound.
What a sight it is to see!
You are doing fine, all three.


Dolls are seemingly the little girl necessity. I had a few in my day. One in particular, which I still have, but I had to have back in the day. I couldn’t sleep without it and I worried when it wasn’t around. It looked a lot like a real baby and sometimes people thought it was, but it had a cloth body.


Some people just don’t get the whimsy. That’s just too bad. There are different kinds of whimsy. There is the kind of whimsy you have as a child which is purely understood by children and older people who are like children. Then there is the kind of whimsy you can still have as an adult, just because you’re funky and weird, and other adults still may not understand you. It’s ok that children do weird things and adults don’t understand. They’re kids. They make up their own languages and their own silly games–these do not make a bit of sense to anyone older. Kids see the world through different eyes and it’s not bad, or to be scoffed at, it’s just how children are.


These dolls got their own song, quite impressive.

Weigh In

What is the strangest game or song made up by a child that you have heard?

Should children be encouraged in whimsy or scholarship?


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