Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Aunty Toothache-I

Aunty Toothache-IAunty Toothache-I

The writer of the story used to eat a lot of sweets. They were given to him by his aunt. His teeth could take the sweets then. She encouraged him to write down all that he did and saw. She said he had the makings of a poet.


My aunt makes sweet potato cake and home-made candy sometimes. So aunts are definitely prone to having sweets around. Now that I have a niece nearby, I guess I should start carrying sweets around with me.


It’s great to have people around who encourage you. There are people who can see potential and there are people who cannot see potential. The people who can see potential will find a little spark in somebody and encourage them to do something they have a talent for. That person may have never explored that talent otherwise. Good for these people.


So far, I like Aunty Toothache.

Weigh In

Should all talents be encouraged or are there strange talents that should not be encouraged in children?

Is there something you’re good at now, but would have never thought to do unless a person told you to do it?


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