Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Aunty Toothache-II

Aunty Toothache-IIAunty Toothache-II

The writer had always called Aunty, Aunty. She had never been anything else to him and she had always been old. Aunty never got married, but had a good friend named Rasmussen. She loved to spoil her nieces and nephews. Children were so sweet that they must have candy. Rasmussen didn’t have teeth, only black stumps; he told the children his teeth got that way by eating too much candy, but Aunty’s teeth were nice and white.

Rasmussen was who gave Aunty her nickname, Aunty Toothache. Years before Aunty had suffered some tooth trouble and Rasmussen had taken to calling her Aunty Toothache.

One day Aunty had a dream that one of her teeth fell out and she said it meant she was going to lose a dear friend. Rasmussen teased her and said if it was a false tooth that fell out, she was going to lose a false friend. As it turned out, Aunty did lose a friend. Rasmussen died.

Years before, Rasmussen had asked Aunty to marry him, but she had waited too long to make a decision and ended up old. The writer asked if Rasmussen would ever come back and Aunty told him he was as much of a poet as ever.

These days the writer had toothaches and recalled Aunty and all the advice she gave him.


Rasmussen sounds like one of those guys that are always teasing everyone. Doesn’t matter what’s going on, they’re teasing somebody. They don’t mean it to be mean, everything is just a joke.


Aunty and Rasmussen could have been together, but they waited too long. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes we wait too long to make a decision and an opportunity passes us by. There isn’t much you can do about it once it is passed, but you can always learn to be a little quicker with your decisions in the future.


I bet Rasmussen is in heaven, teasing everybody.

Weigh In

Do you know a guy like Rasmussen?

Is that guy your uncle? Just FYI, it’s probably your uncle


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