Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Aunty Toothache-III

Aunty Toothache-IIIAunty Toothache-III

The writer once lodged in a fairly nice flat, but it was quite noisy. There was always a lot going on in the house. This door was being slammed. This person was running here. That person was running there. The gates slammed shut noisily. The roosters crowed in the morning. There was a broken pane of glass in his room, but the landlady and put a piece of paper over it and the wind sometimes still whistled through.

Aunty Toothache said this was a lovely description and encouraged the writer to continue his writing.


This place sounds like a crazy house.


Aunty has recognized something in this guy and continues to encourage him. She encourages him to learn to be descriptive. Writing a letter home is a small exercise, but Aunty encourages practice and cultivation of talents in all things.


Aunty still sounds pretty great.

Weigh In

Do you have a family member that always encourages you?

Can anything be an exercise in a talent, if looked at in the right way?


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