Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian

Aunty Toothache-IV

Aunty Toothache-IVAunty Toothache-IV

The writer was taking Aunty Toothache to a show, but on the way home there was a big snow storm and they had to go to the writer’s flat instead of Aunty Toothache’s house. Aunty was made comfortable enough. In the night a toothache came to visit the writer and it appeared as a personage.

It was a woman and she told him that he must suffer great pain to be a great poet. If he only suffered a little pain, he would be a little poet. The toothache told him that he could not write poetry and that if he did, he would get a toothache. The toothache would appear as his own Aunty and encourage him to write poetry.

Aunty was there in the morning when the writer woke up and encouraged him to write poetry. It was Aunty, as always. The writer did not write poetry and recorded his story anyway, but no one knows what happened to the rest of the pages, so the ending is a mystery, other than the fact that the writer is dead.


Hans must have been having some dental problems when he wrote this.


Ultimately, I see this story as a way to be creative even in a situation where a person wouldn’t want to otherwise be creative. Toothaches are painful, especially if it’s getting to be time for a root canal. Hans probably was having dental troubles when he wrote this story. The poor guy was probably trying to keep his mind off of the pain, so he got creative. It’s a way to put a little good in a crappy situation.

We all have bad times, but sometimes it’s good to be able to find something positive about it.


Dentists while not fun, are necessary.

Weigh In

Do you ever try to turn a bad situation good?

What was a time you were in a terrible situation, but you found some good in it?


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