Andersen Fairy Tales, Andersen-Hans Christian



The animals of the forest wanted a newspaper and they also wanted a newspaper critic to critique the singing of the birds. Some said a bird should hold the position, while others suggested fish, because they were fairly close to birds, as both flew through something. One suggested a frog. Frogs had good voices and could be somewhat impartial to the singing of the birds.

Other things were suggested and it was decided that the newspaper would be called Croak. Various articles would be written, by animals who were good at certain subjects. The newspaper would be for all the common animals of the forest. No hoity-toity animals would write for the newspaper. That’s just how things would go.


I suppose frogs could be good judges of singing. Tree frogs in particular make some melodious noises. I grew up listening to them in the trees. It’s what the night sounded like. My brother thought frogs lived under his bed because there were so many around. He was a weird kid, don’t ask.


This isn’t about animals, as you might have guessed. This story is meant to mirror humans, more specifically, this story is meant to mirror humans who are challenging class structures that have been around for a long time. They’re challenging the structure in order to have their voices heard. Sure, there was a voice, but it wasn’t a voice that represented them. There is a reason certain animals were not chosen to write in Croak. They were considered to be aristocratic, if you will, and therefore, not a proper indication of what the common animal thinks or faces in day-to-day life.

You wouldn’t want some billionaire trying to tell your story. They have no idea what you go through every day. They cannot comprehend your life. They don’t know what you need. They could guess, but they’d probably be wrong. Needs, wants, and ideas are, in fact, different depending on where you are in a social class. If you’re in a class whose voice is not heard, it can be difficult to get the things you need. Something like Croak in this story is the perfect way for the voice of a class to be heard.


I wonder what other types of articles were in Croak.

Weigh In

Do you think media can be biased towards one class of people?

Do you think there are people whose stories are not represented in the media?


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