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#594 Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary

Beezus and Ramona by Beverly ClearyBeezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary

Ramona and Beezus are sisters. Beezus is actually Beatrice, but Ramona could only say “Beezus” and so Beatrice has been renamed Beezus. Beezus is the older of the two sisters at nine-years old. Ramona is four. She doesn’t go to school yet and she’s constantly getting into something.

She annoys Beezus when she has friends over. She wants to read the same book over, and over, and over again. When Beezus takes her to the library to borrow a different book, Ramona colors all over the book and Beezus has to pay for it.

One day Ramona even invites over a bunch of neighborhood kids to have a surprise party, which her mother, nor Beezus knew anything about. An impromptu parade is thrown together made up of all the children in attendance. They eat applesauce and Ramona misbehaves, as usual, but overall, it’s quite an enjoyable experience.

Beezue learns that her mother and aunt Beatrice were much the same way when they were children. Sometimes Beatrice does not love Ramona and knows she should, but she is told that all siblings are that way at times.

What I liked

I have read every Ramona book at some point in time, although, it’s been a while. Ramona certainly gets into a lot of things. From having had younger siblings, I can definitely relate to Beezus. When you’re younger and trying to hang out with your friends, the younger sibling is always trying to annoy the heck out of you. One day my cousin and I discovered that my door could lock. Praise Jesus– seriously. Once we knew the door could lock, my younger brother couldn’t get in.

What I didn’t like

I am immensely glad that I don’t have to deal with younger siblings like Ramona anymore. They’ve grown up and matured, although, when I was last at home visiting, I asked my little brother if he was dressed yet and he angrily said, “I’m not a farm animal. Quit bothering me!” What? So farm animals have to put their clothes on to go out of the house? I’m confused.


Poor Beezus, I sympathize.

Weigh In

What is the worst thing your younger sibling did to you?

Do you think Ramona and Beezus will one day have the same type of relationship that their mother and aunt have?


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