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#596 Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary

Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly ClearyRalph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary

Ralph lives in an inn and he rides a little motorcycle. He has watched so much TV that he can speak. He speaks to Matt, who works at the inn, and Ryan, who lives at the inn. Ryan’s mother is the housekeeper. Ralph often has to let his rough cousins ride the motorcycle, but they make a big mess and Matt gets blamed for it, so Ralph feels bad and wants to leave the inn so Matt doesn’t get fired.

He convinces Ryan to take him to school. At school Ralph is found out and the class does a lesson on mice, which ends up terribly botched because of a dishonest newspaper and a bully named Brad. As it turns out Brad isn’t quite as bad as he seems. He’s a lonely boy who likes cars and motorcycles and he can understand Ralph. In the end, things turn out ok for Ralph, for Brad, and for Ryan, even Matt ends up ok.

What I liked

I was found of Ralph and his adventures when I was a kid. He’s quite the adventurous mouse.

What I didn’t like

Toy motorcycles and cars don’t just go because you make a noise like a motorcycle or a car. They have to have some type of engine or something. I know this is a kid’s book, but let’s have a bit of reality in it. The mouse already talks, which is unrealistic, but on top of a talking mouse, there’s also a car that goes because you go “vroom.” My car doesn’t go because I say “vroom.” It takes gas. It has an engine. It’s physics and mechanics.


Cars don’t go because you say “vroom.”

Weigh In

If a mouse talked to you, what would you say?

If your car went because you said “vroom,” how quickly would you tire of driving your car?


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