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#597 Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary

Ramona the Pest by Beverly ClearyRamona the Pest by Beverly Cleary

Ramona is a little older and it’s time for her to go to kindergarten. It’s a new an exciting experience. Ramona feels as if she’s waited forever to go to school and the day finally comes. Her teacher is young, Miss Binney, and has never taught before, but Ramona likes her. She thinks Miss Binney is going to give her a present, but it doesn’t happen.

Ramona enjoys kindergarten, but also gets in trouble from time to time. One day when there is a substitute teacher, Ramona doesn’t want to go to class, so she hides outside. As it turns out, the substitute teacher isn’t so bad. Ramona tries to kiss boys and she wants to marry Henry.

What I liked

Oh Ramona, always getting into stuff. She sounds like a handful of a child, but definitely relatable.

What I didn’t like

School’s would definitely frown upon a lot of Ramona’s behavior today. Ramona couldn’t be Ramona the way schools are currently set up and that’s sad. Who would Ramona be without all of her antics?


I remember kindergarten, a little.

Weigh In

Would Ramona flourish or flounder in the school you attended? Why or why not?

Do you think Ramona’s behavior would generally be frowned upon today?


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