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#613 Ribsy by Beverly Cleary

Ribsy by Beverly ClearyRibsy by Beverly Cleary

Ribsy is a dog owned by Henry Huggins. Henry and Ribsy are going to the store one day, but there’s a nasty flea bugging Ribsy, right under his collar, so Henry takes the collar off of Ribsy so he can scratch. At the store Ribsy has to stay in the car. He ends up barking at something and accidentally rolling the window down with the automatic window button. Ribsy jumps out. He looks all around the shopping center for Henry, but does not find him. It starts raining. Ribsy gets worried. He finally finds a car that smells like the car he came from.

As it turns out, it’s not the car that Ribsy came from. This car belongs to a family with a lot of girls. They take Ribsy home and give him a bath, but Ribsy bolts. He then ends up with an old woman who takes care of him for a while, but Ribsy leaves her place as well. She made him do tricks and wear clothes. Ribsy encounters other people before finally having his picture snapped in the paper at a football game. Henry just knows it’s Ribsy, but Ribsy leaves that place too. He ends up on a fire escape where Henry finds him.

What I liked

What a nice story. Henry got Ribsy back. That’s not very common, at least in my experience. In my experience, if your dog disappears, you don’t get it back. Those are the hazards of living out in the country though.

What I didn’t like

Goodness this dog sure had a lot of adventures! Maybe dogs really do have all those adventures when they’re not around us. We’ll never know, unless someone straps a GoPro to one and sees what happens. I doubt highly that a real dog in this situation would have done all these things.

I also didn’t like the fact that someone would try to keep another person’s dog, knowing that it was someone else’s pet, without as much as a whiff of concern for that other person. We’re people and we have to have a bit of consideration for one another.


I’m glad Ribsy found his way back to Henry.

Weigh In

Did you ever lose a pet and get it back?

Do you think Ribsy would have found his way home more easily today?


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