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#620 Grandfather’s Dance by Patricia MacLachlan

Grandfather's Dance by Patricia MacLachlanGrandfather’s Dance by Patricia MacLachlan

Jack was a toddler now. Cassie had not wanted to love him, but she ultimately did. Things were changing around the farm. Anna was getting married and Caleb was grown up. Cassie was in charge of keeping up with writing the farm’s story. Jack just got into trouble, all the time, but he listened to grandfather.

The aunts from Maine came for Anna’s wedding. They enjoyed spending time with the family. Grandfather said they would be a handful, but he enjoyed their company. One evening, Grandfather yelled at Jack because he had been bad. He felt bad for it and went outside. There he did a little dance to say he was sorry to Jack.

Cassie realized that grandfather was old and might not see her wedding as he had Anna’s, so Grandfather decided to throw Cassie a wedding. She got married to her favorite dog on the farm. She wore a beautiful blue dress and her entire family was there. Grandfather danced with Cassie. There was just enough time for one last family photo.

What I liked

Grandfather’s hold a special place in my heart because my grandfather is very special to me. There is almost nothing he can’t do. He is a good person and has always took care of me and protected me when he could. He has always been there for me. I know how sad Cassie must have felt to feel like her grandfather might not be at her wedding. I’m glad her grandfather was able to share a silly moment with Cassie before he was gone.

What I didn’t like

It is quite sad that Grandfather did not get to see Cassie actually get married. My grandfather walked me down the aisle at my wedding, because he has really been like a father to me. I don’t know that I will ever get to have children in my life, I hope I do, but I hope that if it does happen my grandparents are still alive to see my children. It’s one of the worries of a child who loves their grandparents. Will they still be around to see how you turned out? You want to show them that they helped you turn out to be a good person and that your life turned out half-way decent. Sometimes it’s not possible to show them that.


Grandfather will be missed.

Weigh In

If there was one thing you could share with your deceased grandparents, what would it be?

Does having a milestone event of your life without a relative make the event sad, even if it’s a happy event?


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