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#621 Socks by Beverly Cleary

Socks by Beverly ClearySocks by Beverly Cleary

Two children are selling kittens and one has white feet. They don’t want to get rid of him, but their father says that they have to. A nice young couple comes along and buys Socks for fifty-cents. They also call him Socks.

Socks grows into a cat soon enough, but he’s a great part of the couple’s life. He sits with them and provides entertainment for them. Socks notices that the woman’s lap seems to be getting smaller and smaller, until it’s hardly there at all. One day the couple goes away and comes back with a baby. Socks realizes that it’s a tiny human and he’s not very happy about it.

He misses the attention he got before. People call him a fat cat and he’s put on a diet. He’s not supposed to play with the nice teddy-bear that belongs to the baby.

The grandmother doesn’t trust Socks with the baby and Socks is even kicked out of the house for a while because he bit the woman, but didn’t mean to bite her that hard. Socks is allowed back in and it turns out that the baby isn’t so bad after all.

What I liked

I like cats and I like reading about cats. Socks seems like a pretty nice cat and this story reminds me of a cat that I used to have. His name was Sage, and sadly, he’s no longer with us, but that’s a different, and sad, story. Cats can be very good pets, but it all depends upon the cat. Some are more cuddly and loving than others, just like humans.

What I didn’t like

Obviously, if you have a pet, then you have a baby, your pet isn’t going to be your first priority anymore, but I don’t like the idea that Socks was shoved outside for one little bite. Look people, my cat straight-up attacked me, she has problems with transference, and I may have put her out for a little while, but she came back inside. I loved her and knew she had a better life being inside rather than being outside all the time. Cats are animals and they do occasionally behave like animals, and some animal behaviors just may not be desirable, but that doesn’t mean you kick your pet out of the house because they act like an animal.


Socks is a good cat.

Weigh In

If you had a baby after having a pet, did the pet and the baby get along?

Did the pet and the baby become friends?


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