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#635 Behind the Bedroom Wall by Laura Williams

Behind the Bedroom Wall by Laura Williams Behind the Bedroom Wall by Laura Williams

Korinna is a member of the Nazi Youth Party. She frequently goes to meetings. One of her friends has a brother who is in the local police force. They arrest Germans for harboring Jews. Jews are the reason things are so bad for the German people, at least that’s what people say. Korinna believes this to an extent, but doesn’t entirely like the violence that she sees being done to the Jews. She’s glad her family is a good German family.

Korinna hears something in the wall. She does not know what it is. She searches and searches and finds out that her wardrobe moves. Behind it she sees something she never would have expected to find. There are people back there. A woman and a little girl. Her parents tell her that there are indeed people. If they were not hiding them, they would be sent off to a labor camp.

Korinna is not happy about this, but her views begin to change. The two people in the wall really aren’t all that different from herself. They don’t seem like bad people, nor do they seem like the reason that bad things have happened to Germany. People are suspicious about Korinna’s family though and the family must take action before bad things happen.

What I liked

There’s almost nothing more satisfying than a spoiled brat with a one-sided view of the world learning that there are in fact more ways to look at the world.

Korinna learns that Jews aren’t bad. People aren’t bad because of their religion. Korinna has to change her view of the world and her new view conflicts with the views of people around her. So now she’s different, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

What I didn’t like

This other girl who Korinna is friends with sounds like a total brat.


There’s more than one way.

Weigh In

Would you have changed your mind as easily as Korrina?

Would you have changed your mind about the world faster than Korinna?


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