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#640 T4 by Ann Clare Lezotte

T4 by Ann Clare Lezotte T4 by Ann Clare Lezotte

During WWII it wasn’t only Jews that the Nazis didn’t like, there were also other targets including gypsies and anybody with a disability. The Nazis thought that anybody with any kind of disability would pollute the gene pool and would use euthanasia to remove those people from Germany.

Paula had to hide. She was not Jewish, but she was not wanted. Paula was deaf from a young age. When her family could no longer hide her from the Nazis, she went to other places, anywhere, as long as it wasn’t T4. T4 was what the medical facility was called where disabled people went and where the Nazis decided they could be experimented on or killed.

What I liked

I knew about the Nazis and their desire for eugenics, but I didn’t know the specific name of the facility they used for their evil purposes with disabled people. It’s awfully sad. Just because someone has a disability does not mean that they cannot be a valuable member of society. Look at Stephen Hawking or Helen Keller.

This isn’t a true story, but Ann herself is deaf. I imagine Ann had to put a lot of thought into this. How would she feel if she had lived in Germany during WWII? Would she have escaped the war alive with her disability?

What I didn’t like

The more I learn about the Nazis, the more I realize that they were just one big bag of jerks. Being deaf isn’t even that severe of a disability. Deaf people can function out in the world pretty well with reasonable accommodation.


With the Nazis hardly anybody is safe.

Weigh In

Do you think you could have survived WWII if you had been deemed undesirable in some manner?

How do you think normal people got talked into believing that euthanasia of disabled people was a good idea?


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