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#643 The Boggart by Susan Cooper

The Boggart by Susan CooperThe Boggart by Susan Cooper

In a castle, in Scotland, lived a Boggart with an old man and his dog. One evening the old man and the dog both died. The boggart was left alone. The family who had inherited the castle came all the way over from Canada to see the castle and settle affairs. The two children in the family were named Jessop and Emily. They liked the castle, but knew they could not stay. They had a life in Canada. They picked out a few items to ship home and the rest was sold. The boggart was accidentally shipped to Canada in a book that was locked in a desk.

The boggart got to Canada and found it a place with much stimulation. He started causing trouble in the household. Everyone blamed everyone else for his tricks. It wasn’t until the boggart followed the kids to the theater that another man told them they had a boggart. The boggart causes trouble which leads Emily to being injured. People think Emily is just acting out, but it’s the boggart.

He wants to go home and he finds the only way to communicate that he can.

What I liked

This book was definitely entertaining. Who doesn’t like a playful boggart messing around with things? I think it’s a humorous story about a bit of folklore that can be quite humorous. The boggart definitely did get into some trouble though.

What I didn’t like

The whole idea of, “Oh this thing we thought was made-up is really true and now we have to deal with it in our modern world,” is really overdone. It all turns out the same.


Somebody send this thing back to Scotland; it’s causing too much trouble.

Weigh In

If you had a boggart in your house, how would you feel?

Do you think it would be fun?


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