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Oh Hans! You Sure Love Denmark

Oh Hans! You Sure Love DenmarkOh Hans! You Sure Love Denmark

Hans is all about him some Denmark. Denmark, Denmark, Denmark–Hans loved it. This is what we would call Nationalism, or in Hans’ case, there was a specific breed of nationalism called Scandinavism. Basically, it’s about celebrating Scandinavia.

Hans was born in Denmark and lived there basically his entire life. It should be no surprise that he loved it. When you create a nationalistic piece of artwork, you’re celebrating the country that you hail from. In Hans’ stories he repeatedly mentioned Denmark and how great it was. He spoke of Danish history. He spoke of Danish victory. He spoke of Danish folklore. He lauded Danish artists. He loved stories about Danish pirates. He loved the Danish countryside. He loved Copenhagen. Hans just loved Denmark.

Hans wrote about Denmark in such a way that I need to go and see Denmark someday. I need to go and see the church at Skagen that’s buried partially in the sand. I need to go see Hans’ house at Odense. I need to go and see the city of Copenhagen that Hans keeps going on about. I need to go see the windy coasts that pirates used to frequent.

I learned more about Danish artists by reading Hans’ stories than I ever did with my Viggo Mortensen fan-girling, and trust me, there’s been a lot of fan-girling.

Hans has educated me about Danish history. Some of this stuff I would have never learned had it not been for Hans writing about it in his stories.

Hans loved Denmark in a way that puts me to shame in the patriotism department. Hans, buddy, you did Denmark proud.


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