Andersen Fairy Tales

Oh Hans! Bertel is not your Man

Oh Hans! Bertel is not your ManOh Hans! Bertel is not your Man

Bertel, Bertel, Bertel, Bertel…how many times do we have to read this name in Hans’ stories.

Bertel Thorvaldsen is awesome. Bertel Thorvaldsen is great! Bertel Thorvaldsen is so talented. Bertel Thorvaldsen is handsome. Come on Hans, everyone can tell you have a guy crush on Bertel.

Bertel was pretty great. He was a very talented sculptor. He sculpted in the neo-classical style, which hadn’t been a thing for a long, long time. He even went to Italy to study sculpture. Denmark is very proud of Bertel. He came from Copenhagen and emerged a great artist.

Bertel’s work really was amazing. His sculptures remind me of Michelangelo’s. He was just an amazing sculptor. I cannot imagine the patience it took to create sculptures in marble in the same way that Bertel did. I’ve tried working in marble, it’s no picnic. What I made looked nowhere near as good as what Bertel made and my hunk of marble was tiny.

I can see why Hans admired Bertel so much. The things Bertel did were amazing, but I kind of wish Hans would shut up about him. Bertel was quite a bit older than Hans and most likely the two wouldn’t have had a whole lot to do with each other. Bertel died in 1844.

One of the things that Bertel did do, that Hans most likely thought was just awesome, was that Bertel sculpted figures from Greek mythology. Hans liked stories and so did Bertel. Hans probably read about this figures from Greek mythology and admired the way that Bertel could bring them to life, in a way. There was Jason standing there in three-dimensions brought out of an old Greek story. It must have been pretty inspiring to see this story character right there standing in front of you. Hans loved stories and Hans loved theater.

I think Hans saw Bertel as another story-teller. Hans brought ideas to life in his stories and so too did Bertel. Hans admired Bertel so much, but that doesn’t mean that I still don’t need a rest from Hans’ fangirling over Bertel.


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