Andersen Fairy Tales

Oh Hans! Theater is Life

Oh Hans! Theater is LifeOh Hans! Theater is Life

When Hans was a young man he tried his hand at musical theater. He sang soprano. I don’t for how long Hans sang soprano, as it is usually a woman’s part. Hans did not stick with theater though and later became the writer we all know and love, but through Hans’ stories a person can tell that Hans loved the theater.

Hans didn’t write just one or two stories about the theater. Hans wrote multiple stories about the theater. There were characters who became singers and actors galore in Hans’ fairy tales. There were characters who loved going to watch the theater. There were plays thrown up in barns. It just went on and on and on and on. Hans may have left the life of theater, but theater certainly didn’t leave Hans.

As a person who has done just a bit of theater, I know what Hans means. It’s definitely fun. Theater takes a heck of a lot of work, but the togetherness and the whole thrill of making this production pull together is exhilarating. Your long hours practicing this song or this scene finally come together with costumes and music. There’s a crowd watching. The stage lights are hot. You’re burning up, but you’re having fun. Let me tell you something, if you’ve never been on a stage during a performance, it’s hot up there. There are reasons why various stage performers end up pouring sweat or maybe even just flat-out taking off all their clothes while performing. It’s Les Miserables like you’ve never seen it before…

Hans told stories in many parts of his life and his theater life was no exception. Performers also tell stories. They bring written word to life in front of a crowd. There is no safety net. There’s no pencil eraser. There’s no rewind or redo in front of a crowd. They practice a story and bring it to life, for better or worse, on a hot stage in front of eager faces.

Hans loved theater and I don’t blame him.


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