Blood Clot

Blood ClotBlood Clot

Southern Ute

Once a man was out hunting buffalo. He did not find any, but he found a large blood clot. he took it home and told his wife to boil it. She did and they heard cries coming from the pot. Instead of a blood clot, there was a baby, who grew fast. Within a few days he was walking on his own.

The couple raised the boy who became a great hunter. He would come home and tell his father that he had killed an animal that swam in the water or an animal with antlers. The father would go and get the animal as Blood Clot never went and got it himself. When Blood Clot was a man, he decided to go away. He told his parents to stay in their tent and not to peek. There was a great wind. When Blood Clot said it was ok for them to come out there were dead buffalo all around. Blood Clot had done this for his parents so they would have food in his absence.

Blood Clot soon found another tribe and the chief’s daughter was married to Blood Clot. None could figure out what people Blood Clot came from. One man thought that Blood Clot might have something of the buffalo in him and Blood Clot agreed.

One day there was a bit buffalo hunt. Blood Clot told his wife not to say the word “calf” because that’s what he was.

His wife said, “Skin that calf,” and Blood Clot jumped on his horse and galloped away, turning into a buffalo as he did so. He runs with the buffalo to this day.


What’s up with the blood clots? I am not one to get queasy in the stomach easily, but the idea of blood clots is gross.

Why would these people put a big nasty blood clot in a pot of boiling water? Let me let you in on something–people eat blood. It’s not that common in the United States, but in other cultures, people eat it. Does the name blood pudding sound familiar? Yeah, it’s made of blood. The blood is cooked and it coagulates into a solid mass. Nice huh?

I don’t know if this man and his wife had been intending to eat the blood clot, but maybe they were.


When someone knows themselves and they tell you not to do XYZ and then you do XYZ, you have done something not only against their will, but it kind of goes against the grain of that person. Blood Clot knew he was part of a buffalo calf and his wife said the word “calf” anyway, perhaps as a mistake, perhaps to see what would really happen. We don’t have the intent of Blood Clot’s wife in this story.

It’s not as simple as some people just need to lighten up. There are things that grate against a person so badly that you’re just about as bad as Satan if you do those things, at least in their opinion. It’s just who that person is and you can’t really hold it against them because you have something like that as well that you don’t like.

If you do that thing intentionally, you’re basically asking for that person to disappear out of your life. Sure this story is a bit magical and maybe the simple word of “calf” magically pulled Blood Clot away from his life, or maybe the word annoyed him so badly that he just couldn’t stand it.

Think of it as a faux pas times a hundred.


…blood clots.

Weigh In

Do you think sometimes we test the patience and personality of another person by intentionally pressing their faux pas times a hundred buttons?

Do you think Blood Clot’s wife said the word “calf” intentionally?


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