Native American Tales

Creation of First Man and First Woman

Creation of First Man and First WomanCreation of First Man and First Woman


The first people had left three world behind and finally settled in the fourth world. One day four beings came to them–White Body, the god of this world, Blue Body, the sprinkler, Yellow Body, and Black Body, the god of fire. They looked upon the first people and wanted to make them more like themselves, but first people were dirty and had hands and feet of other animals. The four beings told first people to go and wash themselves, which they did. The women washed themselves with yellow cornmeal and the men washed themselves with white cornmeal.

The four beings put down ears of white corn and ears of yellow corn. Upon the each they put buckskin outfits. Each ear of corn received a feather from an eagle corresponding to the color of the ear of corn. The people were told to stand back to the wind could enter. The wind blew and eight of the gods, the Mirage People came and walked around the objects four times. When this was finished, instead of ears of corn, there were people a man and a woman. The man came from the white ear of born and the woman came from the yellow ear of corn.

A shelter was built for them from brushwood and they were told to go and multiply. After four days the woman bore hermaphrodite twins. After four more days there was another set of twins, a boy and a girl. These twins became a couple and had children of their own. The first couple had five sets of twins. The couple was then taken east to the dwelling place of the gods for four days. Then they were returned and their children were taken to the dwelling place for four days. After they came back, the brothers and sisters separated and married the mirage people. The women had children, which grew to maturity in four days. This was how first man and first woman filled the Earth with people.


There’s actually a little note about this story and the mention of hermaphrodites. Apparently, it’s a common thing, but nobody knows why. The thing is, there have always been people who have been born hermaphrodites. It just happens. It’s been happening for thousands of years. It’s a genetic mix-up. It may have seemed very strange to people and that’s why they felt the need to mention it in their stories.

Unfortunately, if you differ from others to a large degree, people are probably going to talk about you for a long time to go. People are curious and nosy.

I wonder why women were made out of yellow corn and men out of white corn. I do know that yellow corn is considered somewhat inferior to white corn. Is this just another way to say that women aren’t as worth as much as men? Or is it a way to say that women and men are quite similar, but fundamentally different?


This is an origin story, but it’s also a creation story. This is how men and women came to be. What I find interesting is that they first were fine with incest, but then went to meet the gods, and then came back and married the Mirage People. There are even stories in the Bible that mention angels finding the women of Earth fair to look upon and having children together. Is this the same sort of deal? Did human beings at one point breed with another race? Lizard people? No, let’s not go there. David Icke can go prance off and ride a unicorn with his lizard people. Aliens? How about that Ancient Aliens guy? Maybe he was right?

Despite the fact that this sounds completely silly to us as modern human beings, why in the world do we have so many stories about humans mixing with another superior race? Maybe they were just talking about Vikings? Maybe they were just talking about people from somewhere else? We don’t really know because we don’t have recorded history back that far. This was long before cuneiform even hit the market. These were the days of cave paintings. Maybe one people from far away found another people and they decided to intermix or maybe it really was aliens. We don’t know, but probably not aliens.


We’re made from corn people; we’re made from corn. The next time you eat a chips and salsa from your favorite Mexican restaurant, remember that you’re being a cannibal.

You can actually get your hair tested and, surprisingly, most of it will come out to have corn in it. It’s because we eat so much corn.

Weigh In

Why do you think man and woman were made of two different colors of corn?

Do you take stock in the idea of humans mixing with another similar race?


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