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#652 Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

 Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

Sookie has been made valuable to the vampires in Louisiana and now has work assignments for them. Bill also has assignments for the vampires in Louisiana. He has run for an office, the investigator of area five, and won. In Texas, someone is missing and Eric has loaned out Sookie and Bill to try to figure it out.

Dallas is a much bigger city than Sookie is used to and it doesn’t help matters that someone tries to kidnap her when she gets to the airport. The lowdown is that a vampire named Farrel is missing and a new radical church is suspected in his kidnapping. He is seen leaving with another vampire, identified as Godfrey. It’s known all around that Godfrey wants to kill himself because the weight of the terrible crimes he has committed is weighing upon him.

Sookie pretends to be the girlfriend of a man named Hugo, another vampire lover. It turns out that Hugo isn’t exactly to be depended on, but Sookie finds another ally inside of the church. The church has more nefarious plans than it would let on to the public and with the help of Sookie, some of those plans are thwarted.

What I liked

Again, I love the southern charm that is in these books. It’s set in the south and it’s about vampires, love it. I feel like some of the lesser characters have really developed in this book.

I like the idea of this radical fundamentalist religion taking shape to conform with whatever supposed evil rears its head at the time; it’s so real life. There will always be some fundamentalist religion that pops up to fill some kind of vacuum in society, usually that vacuum is prejudice or hate towards one person or the other. It’s not a good thing that this happens, but the fact that Charlaine included this in her book is very people-like.

What I didn’t like

At the same time that I think it’s great that Charlaine included reference to a cult-like church in her book, I also think it’s stupid. There are actually people who do form religions out of hate and, newsflash, that’s not what religion is about. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, religion is supposed to be inclusive, not exclusive.

I don’t really like all the drama between Sookie and Bill. It all seems a bit much. I’ve gone out with people before and never have I been one of those people who break up and then get back together, and then break up, and then get back together. Just leave it.


I’m looking forward to more of Sookie’s adventures.

Weigh In

If vampires were made known to be real, what side of the argument would you be on?

Would you want a vampire to be living in your neighborhood, if they were real?


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