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#653 Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

 Club Dead by Charlaine Harris Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

Sookie is on the outs with Bill. She’s just not sure if she can continue seeing him. He’s working on an important project for the Queen of Louisiana but he just disappears. Eric tells her that she should help get him back and Sookie knows she’s going to be dragged into vampire weirdness all over again. They suspect he’s in Jackson. Eric has a man Sookie can go there with to listen. The man’s name is Alcide and he’s a werewolf. Sookie is meeting all kinds of interesting people these days.

Sookie is to pretend she’s Alcide’s girlfriend and go to Club Dead, or Club Josephine as it’s actually called and listen in for any news about Bill. Sookie learns that there is one particular vampire that Bill likes, it’s his maker, but she has a romantic hold on him as well. Sookie also likes Alcide. He’s a nice piece of eye candy and she almost can’t help herself around him, nor Eric for that matter.

During an incident at a bar, Sookie is hurt and taken to Russel Edgington’s estate, where she learns Bill is imprisoned. She helps to free Bill, but she isn’t necessarily happy about it. Sookie is going to take some time to decide whether or not she wants anything to do with Bill, or Eric, or anybody who isn’t human.

What I liked

I enjoy all the things Sookie gets into. It’s always something and “always something” makes the best stories. I wish I could have nice-looking men all over me like Sookie has.

I like that Elvis is a vampire. It’s funny. People keep seeing Elvis, well, makes sense, he’s the undead.

What I didn’t like

Sookie’s friends are definitely a little reckless with her.


Send some of those good-looking men my way.

Weigh In

Would you rescue Bill?

Would you stick your neck out for someone who betrayed you?


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