Native American Tales

Creation of the Yakima World

Creation of the Yakima WorldCreation of the Yakima World


The Great Chief Above decided to make the world. He bent down under the water and brought up piles up mud, which he piled up to become land and mountains. He then made trees, animals, and people. The woman was taught how to make clothing and food. She wondered what else she could do for her husband and was given skills to pass down to her daughters.

The people soon began to quarrel and Mother Earth became angry and shook. Great stones fell down and many people were killed. Their bones are under the great mountains that are now in place. One day, the mountains will be turned over and the spirits that once lived in the bones will go back into them, but we do not know when this will happen. The spirits will only return if the people keep the beliefs of their grandfathers.


You’re apparently not supposed to argue all the time.


If you’ve been dead and your spirit was separated from your body, but then reunited, that’s called resurrection. Jesus and Lazarus are two people from the Bible who have been resurrected, well, if you believe the Bible. In some Christian theologies, people believe that they will be resurrected. In others, resurrection isn’t even on the radar. This story is about a group of people who were killed. Their souls were taken from their bodies, but it is foretold that one day their souls will reunite with their bodies, that’s called resurrection.

They were punished for their quarreling. Their descendants will not get them back unless they follow the beliefs of their ancestors. This is a religious story if I’ve ever heard one. Do the right things or XYZ won’t happen. It’s almost like a religious threat. Believe in Jesus… or ELSE!

I mean, do we really want these people back? Maybe? I don’t know. Maybe they were jerks, they did get killed for quarreling after all, but maybe these thousands upon thousands of years has been enough for them to mend their ways. Maybe we do want them back. Maybe they’re super awesome.


Maybe we shouldn’t argue so much

Weigh In

Do you think you’ll be resurrected?

If you had to follow a certain prescribed set of rituals to get an ancestor back, would you?


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